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Ligandrol Silver Pharm

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Ligandrol Silver Pharm

Conclusion from the results of the study sample of the drug Ligandrol.

Head of Chemical Analytical Laboratory, LLC IFC Silver Farm

D.S. Gaybo


Name of the analyte: Sample of unknown composition, presumably LGD
 (LGD-4033, Ligandrol is a synthetic peptide drug.)
  Appearance of the preparation: colorless powder in a capsule of white-green color.
  Dissolution: The sample was dissolved in methanol. Appearance after dissolution - transparent
 colorless liquid.
  Analysis Method: Purity Definition: HPLC with Diode Array Detector (Agilent 1100
 series, HPLC-DAD). Detection λ = 210 nm. Qualitative analysis: HPLC with tandem
 quadrupole time-of-flight mass detector (Agilent 6530 Accurate-Mass Q-TOF, HPLC-MS).
  Chromatographic analysis conditions: column: Thermo Gold aQ 150 × 2.1 mm 3 μm; mobile
 phase: A: 100% H O/0.01% TFA (v/v), B: 10% H O/90% ACN/0.01% TFA (v/v/v); flow rate: 0.5 2 2
 ml/min; thermostat temperature: 30 ° C; detection: UV 210 nm, input volume - 20μl.
 HPLC-DAD analysis results:
  Figure 1 is a chromatogram of an LGD sample being analyzed.
 The chromatogram (Fig. 1) has a peak with a retention time of 15.7 min and an absorption spectrum in the UV
 the area (Fig. 2) corresponds to the LGD.
  Figure 2 - UV spectrum of the analyzed LGD sample
  (wavelength range 190 - 400 nm).
  Figure 3 is the mass spectrum of the analyzed LGD sample, RT = 15.71.
  Figure 4 - Tandem mass spectrum (699.16- & gt; *) of the analyzed LGD sample, RT = 15.71.
 On the mass spectrum (Fig. 3), a peak of 699, 1612 ± 0.0008 m/z and the isotopic distribution correspond to
 single charged ion [LGD + H]. On the tandem mass spectrum (Fig. 4) fragmentation ions,
 formed during the splitting of the parent ion with m/z = 454.08, confirm the structural
 similarity of the analyzed sample with the compound LGD.
 In a sample of unknown composition, the substance LGD is identified. Total impurities not more than 0.1
 % Sample purity not less than 99.9%.