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All about muscle memory


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All about muscle memory
Have you heard a phrase like “muscle memory”? Sure you heard, but what is it? Experts believe that muscle memory is nothing like the restructuring of muscle cells that occurs during regular physical exertion, such as sports training or just hard physical labor. For example, Norwegian scientists from the University of Oslo were able to prove that muscle fibers have their own memory.

How muscle memory works

 This is a complex mechanism, which is tied to the formation of new nuclei in cells. It is with an increase in the number of nuclei that muscle growth occurs — more working genes contributed to the synthesis of more actin and myosin, better known as contractile proteins. And despite the fact that scientists expected anything from the nuclei, but not the fact that they will not disappear even with a decrease in the intensity and level of muscular load. For three months, muscular atrophy of the nucleus remains in the so-called standby mode, after which, with the resumption of training, they are actively functioning again, thereby enhancing protein synthesis and hypertrophic processes.

Muscle Memory Training

   On this note, we stop bothering you with science and move on to practical advice, namely, tell you how to develop muscle memory:
1. Train regularly
 Treat it as if you are saving money for old age, so as not to count on a single pension. Each workout is a huge contribution that will definitely be appreciated by your own body in the future.
  2. Do not be afraid to take breaks
 They are necessary so that the muscles adapt to the loads and recover in time. In order to develop the phenomenon of muscle memory, bodybuilding is one of the best "exercises."
  3. Pay attention to technology
 A commonplace example is cycling. Even if you did not get behind the wheel of a two-wheeled friend, you still remember how to pedal. But if you were a so-so cyclist 10 years ago, you will remain in the saddle just as unsure. And if you drove without fear and everyone told you that you would have made a great cyclist, but you fell in love with someone from the parallel class and abandoned the case, and after ten years decided to get behind the wheel - your muscles will remember not only how to turn pedals, but also the technique itself. Were a great rider 10 years ago, you’ll catch it up now.
  Muscle memory is a terrific gift of nature and evolution that can and should be used.

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