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Basics of proper nutrition for women


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Basics of proper nutrition for women

One of the important rules of losing weight: spend more energy than you receive, i.e. calorie consumption should exceed the amount received during the day. What should be the proper nutrition for weight loss for women? First of all, balanced. The body must receive the necessary amount of protein, iron, calcium, polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. However, it is very important to monitor the amount of food: too much of even the "right" food can lead to weight gain.

Diet for women

For a wholesome healthy diet, it’s best to reduce the number of foods with fast carbohydrates in the menu (buns, cookies, sweets, carbonated sugary drinks), because they are quickly processed by the body, but at low physical exertion, the resulting energy is not consumed and turns into fat. You should not completely abandon them: for comfortable functioning, the body needs 35-40 g of fast carbohydrates.

The diet of healthy nutrition for women can include:

  • porridge (oatmeal or buckwheat);
  • vegetables;
  • fruits (preferably unsweetened, for example, grapefruit, apples);
  • beans.

These are all sources of slow carbohydrates that provide energy for the whole day.

For breakfast, the best option would be porridge on the water or skim milk. For a snack before lunch, you can use fruit or nuts. In the lunch portion it is better to use protein foods (meat, poultry, fish - baked or steamed) with a side dish of vegetables or buckwheat / rice (not white). Fit and pasta from durum wheat. Snacks and dinner in the afternoon need more attention, because metabolism is slower at this time. For an afternoon snack, you can choose something from dairy products, and as a side dish for dinner - vegetables.

The basic principles of proper nutrition for women

Teach yourself to eat often, but in small portions. Frequent snacks will not show the feeling of strong hunger. It is also not recommended to eat until complete saturation during a meal: remember that the real feeling of satiety comes 20 minutes after a meal, and if you feel it in the process of lunch or dinner - most likely, you have already eaten.

Keep track of how many calories you get. With the help of various applications for smartphones it is very easy to do this, just find in the AppStore or PlayMarket the one that will be convenient for you to use. But in order for the calculation to be most accurate, it will be necessary to buy kitchen scales. With their help, you can measure the exact amount of products and, accordingly, keep a strict accounting of calories. This approach will make it possible to empirically calculate the amount of calories that you need for losing weight - increase or decrease portions and regularly monitor weight.

Proper nutrition for weight loss for women is associated not only with the products, but also with the consumed fluids. Watch what you drink: your body should receive at least 2 liters of water daily. Tea, coffee and juices do not meet its needs for water, so make a rule to monitor the amount of pure water you drink per day.

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