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Creatine in bodybuilding


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Creatine in bodybuilding
What is creatine? Why is it needed in bodybuilding? First things first. This is a substance that is a nitrogen-containing carboxylic acid, which plays a key role in the energy exchange of muscles and nerve cells. And that is why in bodybuilding creatine has become widespread in the form of a dietary supplement, without which not a single determined athlete can do.
Creatine in bodybuilding started to be widely used in the 80s, when it became pretty clear that taking this supplement not only leads to an increase in weight, but also positively affects the strength indicators of muscle tissue and, as a result, generally has a great effect on the performance and health of athletes.

Sports nutrition: creatine supplement

As it has been mentioned above, creatine is a natural substance that is present in the muscles of people as well as the animals. It is necessary for us to perform movements and energy metabolism, but as you may wonder, why should it be taken additionally? The fact is that the body contains approximately 100 to 150 grams of this element, which is used as an energy source for our muscle tissue, and its daily consumption is approximately 2 grams. However, with increasing of physical activities, its consumption increases as well, despite the fact that the body is able to synthesize it itself, and under severe loads during he workouts this becomes insufficient.

Creatine Benefits:
  • Increase of strength indicators
  • Positive effect on weight gain
  • Improvement of muscle relief
  • Lower indicators of cholesterol
  • Protection of the body with a lack of oxygen

Creatine in bodybuilding: how to take it so that there is benefit?

We recommend taking it for strength and intensive training in case if your goal is to increase muscle mass. Taking creatine for weight loss can be quite a useless move.
Intake should be only on the day of training. Please note that some advise to take it every day, including the days of rest, but we believe that this is not necessary - if you do it, you would do no harm, but it would be pretty useless. It would be better if you take creatine only on the days of workout, an hour or two before the start of training, as well as immediately after. For the best results, the course of treatment should be two months, after which you need to take two weeks of a break, but this is also optional - there is no harm if you miss this pause and just continue taking the supplement.

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