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Fundamentals of male strength training


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Fundamentals of male strength training

Nutrition, metabolic rate and physical activity - these are the key factors influencing how your figure will look. And if the metabolism is quite difficult to change, then regulate nutrition and exercise under the force of any person. Fitness, bodybuilding, dancing - choose the appropriate power load. & nbsp; By using additional bodybuilding stimulants - drugs to increase testosterone, you can achieve impressive results, because it is this male hormone that is responsible for endurance and strength.

Strength Training

The work on the figure is to get rid of unnecessary adipose tissue, tone the muscles and give them a beautiful shape. Strength training operates in all these areas. When the load on the muscles increases, the body is forced to use reserves for energy production - the very fatty tissue. In addition, even after strength training, the body continues to spend energy, but already to restore muscle fibers. Microtrauma of the muscle fibers occurs directly during the performance of strength exercises, which further contributes to an increase in their mass.

During the execution of the approach, it is important to work out the necessary muscle as much as possible, so you need to focus on your feelings, feel the stretching and tension of the muscles. In this case, the correct technique of execution is noticeable immediately when looking at the reflection in the mirror: it looks beautiful and clear. The duration of the training is determined by the final goal: 60–90 minutes is optimal for weight gain, and about 60 minutes for weight loss.

Bodybuilding: sports nutrition

In addition to training, you must pay special attention to diet. In the diet must be present substances rich in protein and various amino acids, since they are necessary for the growth of muscle mass. The products most useful for bodybuilders and fitness lovers include chicken and turkey breasts, lean beef, cheese, eggs, cottage cheese, and beans. With regard to the need for fatty acids, they can be obtained by adding to the diet red fish, tuna fish, squid meat, nuts (walnut, pine).

If you are seriously engaged in or planning to do bodybuilding, then nutritional supplements will be simply necessary, because they will gain mass much faster and improve overall performance.

Professional bodybuilding products

In our store you can buy supplements such as:


  • Radarine - powerful drug group SARMs, increases muscle growth and activates reserves of strength and endurance; & nbsp;
  • Ligandrol - stimulates androgen receptors, due to which there is a noticeable increase in muscle mass in a week;
  • Ibutamoren - activates the production of growth hormone (somatotropin), increases strength and reduces recovery time after exercise. It also helps to burn fat.

The benefits of strength training for men

Strength training has a positive effect not only on the physical condition and appearance, but also have other effects on the body:

  • they heal the cardiovascular system;
  • strengthen bone;
  • improve cognitive abilities and psychological stability, as evidenced by the American Psychological Association (APA) in a study Physical fitness can help prevent young adolescents' depression, study finds.

Thus, applying professional supplements to sports nutrition, you improve and consolidate the result of training. However, it is important to remember that it is desirable to coordinate their use with the doctor, and after the course of treatment, you should receive post-course therapy.


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