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How to train a novice?


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How to train a novice?
Training in the hall for beginners - perhaps one of the most popular searches in search engines. If you are just starting to train, it is important to take into account several factors at once: that during the period of preparation for regular loads you will definitely want to give up everything, but this is not recommended not only because you have to keep your word, but because - so much easier!
We are not trying to persuade you at all now: scientists have proven that the habit is formed in three weeks. So all you need is to stick to the schedule at first, and then it goes like clockwork.

How to start training in the beginner's room

In the first place, with the preparation of the program. We recommend that you train with a trainer for the first time, because a knowledgeable person will be able to direct you depending on the goal you are pursuing - to lose weight, gain weight , pull up, pump chest / ass / legs (underline), or just improve your health. We advise you to turn to a professional for this kind of help, and not to an “experienced friend”, because it is the professional who knows what is right for you, while a friend can only be judged by his own experience, which most likely will differ from yours.
The main principles of training for beginners:
1. Clear mode
It is by adhering to the daily routine and proper nutrition that you can achieve results in the shortest possible time.
2. Load
Loads must be correct - you cannot overload yourself, but it is strongly not recommended to regret it, otherwise there will be no sense from training.
3. Goal setting
 As we have already mentioned, depending on your goal, not only the work scheme, but also the power mode will be built. Beginner workouts for relief and a weight loss program are two different goals that suggest different approaches.
4. Motivation
Without it, it will be impossible to achieve the results you want. This is what gives strength to get up from the couch and go to work in the gym. Look at other athletes, admire their abilities - it will only benefit you.
We advise you never to give up! It doesn't matter what you planned today, whether it is a well-deserved rest, training for a beginner with dumbbells or an hour jogging - it is important to remember why you are doing this and not to stop on the way to a beautiful body!