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The preparations of the SARM group, the so-called modulators of androgen receptors, gained their fame due to their positive effect on muscle growth and bone density.

  • Increased muscle volume.
  • Strengthening the relief.
  • Bone mineralization.
  • The breakdown of body fat.

SARMs Action

Group drugs not only promote muscle growth and bone mineralization. Some SARMs have a tonic effect: they increase immunity, give energy and contribute to the improvement of cognitive functions of the brain.

Research SARMs

Soon after scientists discovered the effect of the drugs of the group on muscle fiber growth and bone mineralization processes, as well as on fat burning, professional bodybuilders and amateur athletes began to use them to accelerate the results from their workouts.

One of the confirmations was the study of a group of scientists Yin D, Kearbey JD, Dalton JT, Xu H, Gao W, Chung K, Marhefka CA, He Y, Veverka KA, Miller DD, which was named “Pharmacodynamics of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators”. The authors concluded that SARMs actually exert pharmacological activity in vivo.

At the same time, attention was also paid to possible negative consequences. This is due to the fact that increased doses of testosterone can aromatize into estrogen and adversely affect the prostate, including causing cancer.

The outstanding usefulness of SARMs was demonstrated by the work of Negro-Vilar A entitled “Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs): a novel approach to androgen therapy for the new millennium,” published in a popular journal on endocrinology. This study indicates that the drugs of the study group are useful and can be used for anabolic therapy, aimed at combating the signs of aging, manifested in increased bone fragility, osteoporosis, and even in the course of therapy against cancer. This confirms that with all the beneficial effects, testosterone does have a negative effect on prostate function, which has not been noted for SARMs.

  Thus, SARMs have become a safe and useful alternative to effective, but toxic drugs, not yielding to them in the degree of effect. There is a noticeable growth of muscle fibers, a relief is outlined, strength and endurance are improved, bones are strengthened, and the process of lipolysis is activated.

Reception SARMs

Drugs belonging to the group of SARMs are non-toxic, do not adversely affect the liver, do not interfere with the normal processes of the body and do not disrupt the hormonal background. Selective androgen receptor modulators can also be taken by women. It is important that these drugs can be included in post-course therapy, contributing to the recovery of the body.

The dosage of each of the SARMs preparations is individual. Before use, you must read the instructions. Consultation specialist will help you choose the most accurate dosage, ideal for quickly achieving the goal when taking into account age, health, lifestyle.

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