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Vegetarianism and bodybuilding


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Vegetarianism and bodybuilding
In our world, people are becoming more and more conscious and are striving to make our world a bit better - they refuse to wear fur and leather, try to buy products without plastic packaging, sort garbage and, of course, refuse meat. Vegetarianism or veganism are volitional decisions that only a strong-willed person can make, but can this decision affect his physical strength? This is what today's article will be about.
Vegetarianism and bodybuilding - as far as compatible concepts? We used to think that chicken breast and boiled eggs are the basis of the diet of real bodybuilders, but this is relative. Proteins can also be obtained completely from other products, since these are high-molecular-weight natural substances that consist of a chain of amino acids linked by a peptide bond. The main function of proteins is the regulation of those chemical reactions that occur in our body.

Protein Types

Proteins can be divided into substances of plant and animal origin, but this division does not end there. A normal person requires 20 amino acids of the L-series for vital activity, and it just so happened that animal proteins contain most of the essential acids that are absorbed by our body by 90-95%. Vegetable proteins are absorbed by only 60-75%.
Thus, we can conclude that the rejection of animal protein impoverishes not only the human diet, but also its body. But is it critical for bodybuilders? The answer is no. Nowadays, there are a huge number of additives and dietary supplements that will help our body to fill the lack of elements, and at the same time no rabbit will suffer.

Bodybuilding and vegetarianism: diet

What is for those who decide to give up meat, but stay in the rocking chair? Here is a list, you can hang it on the fridge:
  • Iron sources: Beans, prunes, raisins.
  • Sources of vitamin B12: Soymilk, spinach.
  • Sources of zinc: Nuts, beans.
Remember: whatever path you choose, the main thing is to stick to the measure. If you decide to refuse meat, but you feel bad at the same time, review your diet or consult your doctor to help you solve the problem.