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Aykar (Aikar +) is an analogue of ATP - a molecule that is a source of energy for the processes of the body.

  • Improves performance, endurance.
  • Accelerates the process of lipolysis.
  • It improves blood circulation.

Aikar's principle of operation

The drug stimulates the production of ATP. It activates the process of lipid oxidation, and also accelerates the blood flow. Due to this, fats, which are the most important source of energy, are rapidly metabolized. At the same time, Aikar also participates in the process of carbohydrate metabolism. It is important to note that, unlike GW 1516, with which it is compared, it is not characterized by carcinogenic activity.

Aikar Research

Aykar is regularly used in medical research and as an object of study, and as an aid. In particular, Aikar’s influence on the body’s glycogen stores, glucose uptake and its potential as a drug for the treatment of diabetes mellitus are being studied.

In the work “Molecular mechanism by which AMP-activated protein kinase activation promotes glycogen accumulation in muscle”, Aikar is clearly demonstrated. During energy stress, AMP-activated protein kinase promotes glucose transport and glycolysis for ATP production. While anabolic glycogen synthesis occurs by suppressing glycogen synthase activity to maintain energy balance in muscles. The study showed that Aicar stimulates the production of muscle glycogen, which is accompanied by an increase in glucose transport.

Another study called “Chronic activation of 5'-AMP-activated protein kinase increases GLUT-4, hexokinase, and glycogen in muscle” also demonstrated the effectiveness of Aikar. The administration of a dose of the drug to laboratory rats resulted in a significant increase in the muscles of the cellular protein kinase, which regulates energy metabolism. Consequently, Aykar increases stamina and is useful in training.

A similar study was conducted by another group of scientists: they came to similar conclusions. The results of the “Increased expression of GLUT-4 and hexokinase in rat epitrochlearis muscles exposed to AICAR in vitro” showed that when exposed to Aikar for 18 hours, the content of the type 4 glucose transporter increased by 50% and the hexokinase by 80%.

  Scientific evidence from authoritative research published in eminent publications such as the Journal of Applied Psychology suggests that Aykar has a pronounced effect and can be used to achieve athletic goals. It should be noted that Aikar is not related to drugs of the SARM group, but can be combined with them.

How to take Aicar

The optimal daily dose is 10 mg when taking into account stable physical exertion. The course of admission lasts 60 days. It is possible to do repetitions with breaks of 1-2 months, with the maximum number of courses per year can be three.

Before you start taking, please read the instructions. For the most effective combination with other types of drugs, it is recommended to study the principle of action of each and consult with a competent specialist.


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