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Andarin (Andarine, S-4, GTx-007) is included in the SARMs generation I group of drugs and is used to gain muscle mass.

  • Increases muscle volume.
  • Acts 30% more effective than testosterone.
  • Raises power indicators.
  • Great for beginners

Andarin's principle of operation

The drug affects the androgen receptors of the body. Like other drugs of the SARM group, is their agonist. Used orally, begins to act shortly after administration. The half-life is short, only 4-6 hours.

Andarin Research

Initially, the drug was created to treat muscle atrophy, prostate hypertrophy, osteoporosis. Beneficial effects of Andarin caused its use with the field of bodybuilding.

The study "Pharmacodynamics of selective androgen receptor modulators" was aimed at studying the pharmacological activity of SARM in vivo. For this, scientists chose four compounds, among them S-4, that is, Andarin. The study was conducted both in vitro and in vivo: that is, in vitro and with the help of subcutaneous administration of drugs to laboratory mice. Andarin has shown a higher anabolic activity compared with testosterone propionate. At dosage not higher than ED50 (designation of effective dose), S-4 did not cause suppression of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones. This means that Andarin does not interfere with the functioning of the reproductive system of the body and does not alter the hormonal background.

Another group of scientists conducted a study called "Selective androgen receptor modulation rats". The experiment was as follows. Castrated mice were administered S-4 for 12 weeks. Observations on animals whose organisms did not produce testosterone in proper volume on their own were carefully recorded. The results showed that Andarin had a positive effect on muscle mass, atrophy was not observed. Also increased bone mineral density. In addition, a beneficial effect on the pituitary gland was noted.

  Thus, scientists have concluded that Andarin, due to its pronounced effect on the body, has the potential to treat and prevent various diseases, and is also effective and safe.

How to take Andarin

Be sure to read the instructions. Arimistan must be taken after a morning meal. If the weight is less than 85 kg, then one capsule, if more, respectively, two. It is recommended to consult with your doctor, especially in the presence of current or chronic diseases. Consultation with a personal trainer will also be helpful. Reception of any kind of sports supplements should be taken into account in the preparation of the diet and training schedule.

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