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Cardarine (Cardarine, Cardarol, Endurobol) GW-5156

The drug is one of the most effective fat burners, which reduces the mass and increases the energy produced by the body. At the same time endurance significantly increases. The additive accelerates the process of oxidation of fats in mitochondria and reduces cholesterol levels - weight reduction occurs naturally.

Cardarin stimulates the muscles, while glucose is consumed much more actively. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Unlike fat burners, thermogenics, which increase heat production, which causes the breakdown of fats, Cardarin does not just reduce fat mass - it transforms fat into energy. In this case, the metabolism is not disturbed, but, on the contrary, stabilizes.

The active ingredients - plant compounds sterols and stanols - prevent inflammatory and neoplastic processes. The preparation also contains an active enzyme, protein kinase, which stimulates the process of glucose uptake and its processing into skeletal and muscle cells.

For professional athletes, a great advantage of the drug is its ability to increase stamina and performance.

Cardarine Studies

For the first time, Cardarine was obtained in 1992 at Glaxo Smith Kline (London) and Ligand Pharmaceuticals (California). The drug was studied as a means to adjust the level of cholesterol, as well as a means to combat cardiovascular diseases.

Scientific studies have shown that Cardarin significantly stimulates the process of fat oxidation and contributes to their breakdown. A unique feature of the drug is its ability to convert into lipids, and not into carbohydrates.

Advantages of Kardarin

Cardarin is among the SARM drugs that act selectively - in this case, the mitochondria, as well as bone and muscle tissue. Thus, all metabolic processes take place as efficiently as possible and without a negative impact on the body. & Nbsp;

Cardarine stimulates the muscle fibers, which is especially important for sports. It prevents stress and inflammation in skeletal muscle. This increases endurance, increases the efficiency of training, the results appear faster, they are more noticeable. & Nbsp; In addition, the drug is an antioxidant - it can slow down the oxidation process and excrete toxins and excess water.

A significant advantage of GW-1516 is that it does not violate the blood sugar level and prevents the onset of diabetes and obesity. Also, the drug can improve athletic performance by 60-70% and has no side effects.

Cardarin normalizes metabolism, contributes to & nbsp; more effective fight against obesity. At the same time, the level of cholesterol is normalized, lipid metabolism stabilizes.

Combined with other SARMs - great for enhancing anabolic effects (protein synthesis, muscle growth).

Indications for use

Cardarol is recommended for people suffering from metabolic syndrome - this disease causes hormonal disorders and fatty deposits are formed. Also Cardarin is ideal for fighting obesity.

Non-toxicity of the drug and its ability to naturally influence the metabolic processes make it one of the safest and most effective means.

The drug is used as an independent tool for weight loss. It does not cause weakness and decrease in blood sugar levels. & Nbsp; Combining the use of the drug with physical activity, you will quickly notice how the fat mass turns into muscle. Aerobic and strength endurance will increase. & Nbsp;

Cardarin is recommended for people suffering from ischemia. It was noted that during physical activity the symptoms of the disease disappeared and shortness of breath disappeared. & Nbsp;

Kardarin Dosage

For weight up to 85 kg, it is recommended to take 10 mg & nbsp; per day. With a greater mass and to enhance the effect, an increase in the rate of up to 30 mg per day is allowed.

Side Effects

Initially, the drug was developed as a drug for weight loss, so it has no side effects.

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