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Fitorine GW-0742



Fitorine GW-0742
Fitorine (Fitorine GW-0742) is the supplement of the newest sixth generation of the SARMS group, which belongs to the group of selective androgen receptor modulators. This element exhibits time-independent neuro-protection with low KCI-induced apoptosis in cultures of cerebellar neurons of the brain. This latest generation SARMS element stimulates glucose uptake in skeletal muscle tissue. Besides, this element fights disorders in the metabolic cycle of athletes with a large amount of adipose tissue, and is also suitable for athletes with diabetic metabolism due to stimulation of fatty acid oxidation.

  • Fights obesity
  • Accelerates the oxidation of adipose tissue, preserving muscle mass
  • Improves endurance
  • Stimulates the rapid recovery of the body after the exercise
  • Removes body fluid excess

Fitorine Action

This supplement is perfect for athletes who have just started their way into bodybuilding and are struggling with excessive amounts of overweight or obesity. This product is known for its fast-acting effect as a fat burner, which does not negatively affect the amount of muscle mass, while maintaining it and improving its quality Thus, taking GW-0742, you burn a large amount of adipose tissue in a shorter time. It works in such a way that it burns adipose tissue by increasing the absorption of glucose in muscle tissue, which directly changes the body's metabolism, just like its ability to recover. By taking this supplement you burn fat instead of muscles, while not reducing blood sugar levels, which makes it is suitable even for the athletes who have diabetes.

At the same time, unlike steroids, Fitorine does not have a detrimental effect on the liver and can be used in combination with other supplements, which would help you in in achieving your goal.

Using Fitorine

Initially, this supplement had been developed as a medicine to fight with obesity, but later it has become widely known and started to be used among bodybuilders in order to remove an extra percentage of fat in a remarcable short time, and "dry" the body before the competition. This supplement is know to be s so safe that it can be used in combination with other elements, which would improve the quality of trainings, and therefore it is really liked by both beginners and professional athletes.

Taking Fitorine

Use twice a day
Course duration: 8-12 weeks