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Effective fat burner-thermogenic Hypercut (Hypercut) contains in its composition several active substances.

  • Accelerates the process of lipolysis.

  • Gives a charge of energy due to fat burning.

  • A positive effect on the performance of strength and endurance.

  • Provides additional concentration.

  • Suppresses appetite.


Hypercat mode of operation

Hypercat belongs to the group of thermogenics, or, as they are called, thermogenics. The peculiarity of these drugs is that they provide heat production, thereby helping to achieve several goals at once: not only to get rid of excess fat, but also to give strength, endurance, improve the quality of training.

In addition, thermogenics reduce hunger, accelerate metabolism. The Nutrition Business Journal published an analysis of the US market, according to which, thermogenics are sold more often than any other sports supplement.

Hypercat Composition

Green tea & nbsp; has antioxidant properties and has a tonic effect on the body. The study "Green tea extract ingestion, fat oxidation, and glucose tolerance in healthy humans" recorded that after green tea can increase the oxidation of fat by 17%. Also, green tea is good for the cardiovascular system.

  L-Theanine is an amino acid that is rarely found in food, so it is recommended to use it separately. It is used for protein synthesis, can cross the blood-brain barrier, having a positive effect on the processes in the brain. In the world of sports, L-Theanine is used to relax muscles and improve focus and focus. Its advantage is that, unlike other relaxers, it does not cause drowsiness and is not a sedative, which makes it more useful than stimulants like caffeine.

  Synephrine & nbsp; gained its popularity as an effective and safe substitute for ephedrine, a popular fat burner that was part of sports supplements. Scientists have carefully investigated the mechanism of action of this substance. In particular, it is described in “A review of the receptor-binding properties of p-synephrine”.

  Yohimbin & nbsp; is known for contributing to fat burning, drying muscles and increasing libido. Its effectiveness was recorded in research. For example, an experiment in which professional footballers took yohimbine, as a result of which the fat burning process took place more actively than usual, was described in “Yohimbine:

  DMBA HCL is a more modern analogue of geranium extract. The only difference is that the more modern formula contained in the preparation Hypercat has improvements in bioavailability, fitness and absorption rate.

Bioperin & nbsp; is included in the complex due to its property of increasing the digestibility of other components. It is made from black pepper.

How to take Hypercats

Usually the course of taking fat burners lasts one month, then you need to take a break. It is best to take these drugs in the morning or before sports training. One capsule with a weight of 80-85 kg, if the weight is greater, the dosage can be doubled. Detailed instructions are attached. Be sure to carefully read the composition and consult with your doctor if you have chronic diseases.

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