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Mastorine S-23



Mastorine S-23
Mastorin (also known as Mastorine S-23 ) is one of the newest tools used by athletes during workouts, which supports the process of gaining lean muscle mass, has a positive effect on body relief and muscle dryness, and also strengthens venous drawing This drug is the sixth generation SARMs, which is the latest generation, providing additional support during training for both beginners and professional athletes.
  • The newest drug of the last, sixth generation
  • Improves body relief
  • Increases muscle density
  • Improved strength and endurance
  • Strengthens venous pattern
  • A beneficial effect on the overall tone of the body
  • Accelerates the process of burning fat
  • Improving body composition

Mastorin Action

 Mastorin is a legal drug of the latest, new generation of a group of selective androgen receptor modulators, which is not a steroid at all, as many might think because of its spectrum of action. This drug has a positive effect on the process of lipolysis and anabolism. Athletes prefer to use it during preparation for competitions, since the reception of this tool makes the training most effective, and the muscle is the driest, which looks advantageous during the competition.
 S-23 not only works with muscle tissue, but also with bone and adipose tissue: it accelerates fat splitting, increases bone mineral density and favorably affects the growth of lean muscle mass without excess water, which provokes swelling and, as a result, makes muscle relief less aesthetic. & nbsp;
 Scientific studies confirm the effective reduction in the percentage of muscle mamsa due to DNA stimulation and the formation of messenger RNA, which becomes the basis for protein synthesis, and genomic effects in adipose tissue are provoked by accelerated disintegration of triglycerides with the release of fatty acids. And it is thanks to these processes in the body increases the level of oxidation of fat in muscle tissue.

Using Mastorin

 The most effective use of this tool is the drying time before bodybuilding competitions. Mastorin has the same effect on the body as "harmful" steroids, but without side effects for the body and internal organs, helping to increase muscle density and delineating body relief, at the same time reducing the thickness of subcutaneous fat, due to which the veins appear much clearer. Thanks to this drug, the same percentage of body fat that athletes would have without taking Mastorin looks completely different due to different muscle density and dryness.
 Taking this drug, in contrast to the more harmful analogues, does not lead to an increase in the prostate in men and hair loss, and does not retain water in the muscles. In addition, after the termination of the course there is no pullback.

Mastorin drug intake

 1-2 capsules per day
 It is advisable to take twice a day
 Course duration - 8 weeks