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Recardine SR-9011



Recardine SR-9011
Rekardin, also known as Recardine SR-9011 , is a drug that is responsible for regulating the rhythms of metabolism that occur in the body during the day. The main purpose of this drug is to accelerate the metabolism and those reactions in the body, as a result of which fats and carbohydrates begin to break down, while additionally releasing energy. Especially effective is the action of this drug in training cycles, which are aimed at drying the body before bodybuilding competitions, as well as weight loss and drawing body relief. In addition, Rekardin is also used to improve endurance and strength indicators.
  • The newest drug of the sixth generation
  • Improves muscle relief and tissue density
  • Helps weight loss
  • Increases Strength and Stamina
  • Reduces blood sugar
  • Improves body quality
  • Regulates daily body processes.
  • Increases calorie consumption

Act Rekardina

 The mechanism of action of SR-9011 is directed to the action of a protein molecule located in the nucleus of the intracellular receptor Rev-Erb and aimed at regulating the daily rhythm that affects many biochemical processes, including the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates in the body.
 As it is known, the intensity of physiological processes changes during the day and then accelerates, then slows down: these so-called circadian cycles are regulated by a large number of mechanisms in our body, and their more active activity occurs in the morning, while the minimum values ​​are achieved deep in the night. One of the regulators is the aforementioned Rev-Erb receptor, which is affected by Rekardin. And it affects in such a way that increases the expression of genes involved in metabolic processes and contributes to their activation, speeding up the exchange of processes regardless of the time of day and regardless of the biological clock. This accelerates the breakdown of fatty acids and glucose, and also activates receptors in skeletal muscles, the hypothalamus and liver cells, thereby improving athletic performance.

Use of Rekardin

 This drug is used for slimming or reducing the percentage of subcutaneous fat, improving the relief before bodybuilding competitions and during drying. We take the drug SR-9011 slows down the synthesis of adipose tissue and accelerates the splitting of trigetiridov, increasing the number of mitochondria in muscle tissue and increasing the rate of oxidation of both fat and glucose in the body. In addition, the synthesis of lipids, cholesterol and fatty acids is slowed down in the liver, which has a great effect not only on the figure, but also on your well-being by reducing insulin levels.
 It is thanks to its action that Rekardin is suitable for both professional athletes seeking to improve their physical fitness before a competition, as well as for ordinary gym visitors who want to lose weight, reduce body fat and improve the quality of their body.

Taking Rekardin

1-2 capsules per day
 It is advisable to take twice a day
 Course duration - 8-12 weeks

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