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Testorine ACP-105



Testorine ACP-105
Testorine, known as Testorine ACP-105 , is not a steroid. This drug is a selective androgenic receptor modulator of the last, sixth generation of SARMS, which acts as testosterone without affecting other hormone receptors. In addition, this drug demonstrates a potential anabolic effect on muscle and bone tissue with minimal effect on the prostate in men, which once again proves the effectiveness of the latest generation of SARMS.
  • Improves stamina performance
  • Positive effect on motility and reaction
  • Improves balance
  • It has a positive effect on the body
  • Increases Speed ​​

Testosterol Action

 This drug shows an anabolic effect on muscles and bones with minimal effect on the prostate. The SARMS group is not a steroid supplement to workouts, and can also be an excellent treatment option for some muscle diseases and osteoporosis.
 Testosterol is a partial agonist. While full agonists cause higher levels of suppression, and it is precisely because of this that they are considered more effective, partial agonists, despite their weaker and less pronounced effect, for example, compared to Testosterone and DHT, are the safest option for receiving training time. A low concentration of ACP-105 adheres to the androgen receptor better than stronger drugs, and therefore is also an effective substitute. Due to this, SARM, despite its lower concentration and less effect on the body as a whole, can compete with testosterone in its overall anabolic activity.

Using Testorin

 Studies show that, first of all, Testosterol has a positive effect on training, improving the performance of agility, endurance, speed, improves the sense of balance and motility, having a positive effect on the coordination of movements. This drug is used by athletes to improve results during strength training and endurance training: both beginner athletes and professional athletes can use this drug during training to achieve faster results and increase motivation.

Testerin intake

 1-2 capsules per day in the morning
 Course duration - 8-12 weeks