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  • Provides a rapid increase in muscle mass.  
  • Muscles become more dense and prominent.  
  • Qualitatively improves power performance.  
  • Retains its qualities, not transforming into estrogen.  
  • Supports the body's own production of testosterone.  
Complex for a quick set of muscle mass
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Hypermass (Hypermass)

Complex prohormones powerful action. One of the most modern drugs of its segment. The effect is due to the interaction of three active substances: Msten, Hexadrone, Letrozole.

The synergistic effect of a combination of mutually complementary active substances is a prerequisite for the growth of dry muscle fibers, , in consequence of which the relief becomes more pronounced , and the strength indices increase.

Msten (Ultradol, M-sten, Methyl-sten) refers to prohormones, while Hexadrone is & lt; RTI ID = 0.0 & gt; non-methylated prohormone with a high anabolic activity; completely absorbed after ingestion.

In addition to the main combination, the composition also contains gelatin and Maltodextrin, which are present as additional additives in the capsules.

It is through this combination that a pronounced effect is achieved. Prohormones enter the body and become anabolic. Thus, athletes have consistent results in the form of a stable set of muscle mass.

Full description HYPERMASS
More information: & nbsp;
  Capsules per pack - 60 & nbsp;
  In one capsule: & nbsp;
  Msten (C₂₀H₃₀O₂): 6 mg & nbsp;
  Hexadrone C19H27CLO2 30mg
  Letrozole (C₁₇H₁₁N₅): 3 mg & nbsp; & nbsp;
  & nbsp;
  Other Ingredients: & nbsp;
Maltodextrin, gelatin

Take 1 capsule every morning an hour after breakfast. If your weight is above 75 kg, we recommend taking the second capsule an hour after lunch. Use 1-2 capsules daily. The recommended course of treatment is 8-12 weeks.

It is not a drug or dietary supplement. We recommend to consult with a specialist before use.