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  • Refers to the latest generation IV SARMs.
  • Gives a similar effect to testosterone.
  • Provides the fastest possible increase in muscle volume.
  • Activates reserves of strength and endurance.
Newest SARM Generation IV
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Radarine (Radarine, RAD-140)

 The drug group SARMs. For 2016, it is the most powerful in its segment, surpassing similar substances in action.

The exceptional anabolic activity of Radarin is due to its direct effect on the synthesis of proteins. This provokes noticeable and intense muscle growth. Muscle mass after administration is dry, does not contain excess water or fat.

The drug improves blood circulation and contributes to the protection of neural connections. Athletes note that the effect of the so-called kickback is absent. After the reception course, the achieved result is saved.

Full description Radarine
More information: & nbsp;
  Capsules per pack - 60 & nbsp;
  In one capsule: & nbsp;
  RAD-140 (C₂₀H₁₆ClN₅O₂): 10 mg & nbsp;
  Other Ingredients: & nbsp;
Maltodextrin, gelatin

Take 1 capsule daily one hour after breakfast. If your weight is above 85 kg, you should add an additional reception Radarina after each workout. The recommended course of treatment is 8-12 weeks.

It is not a drug or dietary supplement. We recommend to consult with a specialist before use.