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  • It has a pronounced anabolic effect.
  • Helps build muscle.
  • Positive effect on strength performance.
  • Keeps the prostate gland functioning in its previous state.
  • The level of estrogen remains at the same level as before administration.
Increases testosterone production by 66%
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Sarmastol (Sarmastol, AC-262,356)

It belongs to the generation SARMs group. It acts as a partial agonist for androgen receptors. It has the same effect on the body as testosterone.

  Acadia Pharmaceuticals research shows that Sarmastol increases testosterone production by 66%. Affects androgenic activity: here the figure was 27%.

The popularity of SARMs has been proved by tests, thanks to the use of drugs of this group, athletes quickly achieve the necessary indicators of strength, endurance and muscle volume. The advantage of Sarmastola is that it belongs to the V generation, therefore it provides a faster and cleaner effect.

Full description Sarmastol
Additional information:
  Number of capsules per pack - 60
  In one capsule:
  AC-262536 (C₁₈H₁₈N₂₀): 10 mg
  Other Ingredients: & nbsp;
  Maltodextrin, gelatin

Take 1 capsule daily after breakfast. The recommended course is 8-12 weeks.

It is not a drug or dietary supplement. We recommend to consult with a specialist before use.