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Normalizes testosterone Maintains the libido at its normal level Activates cognitive functions Lowers cortisol effects Has a positive effect on a liver
Full complex for the post cycle therapy
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Complex of six elements, has its name standing for a Post Cycle Therapy.

Active functionality of this supplement is known mostly due to Clomid. This component is widely used for bodybuilding and lowers the amount of side effects, related to the process of steroids turning into estrogen. Besides, it stimulates the production of testosterone and lowers stress levels.

Plant based active elements have a positive influence on the organism.

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Full description of the complex
In one capsule: Clomifene (C₂₆H₂₈CLNO): 25 mg Yohimbine extract 98% (C₂₁H₂₆N₂O₃): 10 mg Maca root 10:1 extract (C₃₀H₄₈O₄): 75 mg Silybum marianum extract 98% (C₂₅H₂₂O₁₀): 75 mg Vitamin E: 50 mg Zinc Glycine: 15 mg

Take 1 capsule per day after your breakfast and lunch. The recommended course of treatment is 4-6 weeks.

It is not a drug or dietary supplement. We recommend to consult with a specialist before use.